Selling With Us

As a seller we know it’s important for you to get the right agents to represent your property and this is why we are now in the market space to make you feel at ease when selling your property. So the question maybe why should you pick us over the bigger sharks in the property game?


Here are a couple of reasons why:


Reason 1: we advertise your property for sale for only £50.00 and this can also be paid to us at the start of the end of our process and if we are to sell your property we charge a flat fee of 0.5% of the property value, as simple as that there are no small print T&C’s with us.


Reason 2: we advertise with partners the likes of Zoopla, Leicester Mercury and also teamed up with Yell to bring you the best type of marketing possible. Oww Yes one other thing I forgot to mention is we also create your own website for you, until your property is sold, so you can share with family and friends to show them how technical you’ve got.


Reason 3: we use the same system as all major banks when looking at the end property value, oww yes we do not mess around as some agents may just give you a high price for you to go with them, but we are not named Let Sell It for no reason we get right down to the facts and 80% of banks use the same type of technology as us, to get the most accurate property value alongside our professional valuators.


Reason 4: If you do not want us to do house viewings for you one you have given us the go ahead not a problem, as a seller you can list your own property on our list of portals for a one off fee of £350.00, this will include professional photos, a full written description of the property and advertised for you under our brand across major portals, also well throw in the website as well since you insist (Hope your happy now).


We could go on a list more for you but I believe these reasons are enough for you to fill out our contact us page and get your property on the market with us today.